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  • The customer needs to seek local permission from Council or Local Authorities if items are setup on public use land or facilities.

General Conditions

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Circumstances beyond our control

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Content – refers to all information, including but not limited to data, text, images and multimedia, that is displayed on the website

Customer – You the hiree / Member

Compliance – to the act of responding favourably to a request to comply with our terms

Xtreme Party Hire –  Xtreme Party Hire Pty Ltd

Xtreme Party Hire Contractor – A Xtreme Party Hire contracted service provider operating an independent business

Organisation/s – An unincorporated/incorporated association, club, Non-Government Organisation or Government (local state or federal) organisation.

Obligations – What is expected of you

Supplier – Xtreme Party Hire Representative or Contractors or Agents

Terms & Conditions – The specific information, restrictions about your use of www.xtremepartyhire.com.au and Xtreme Party Hire Pty Ltd services

User – any person who interacts with the website

You , your – means the Member

HIRE & CONTRACT Conditions

Please take your time to read our terms and conditions of hire, this is fully binding contract between the Customer and the Supplier. Before any hire equipment is delivered or collected from our premises you shall be required to have paid in full for that hire. If we are required to chase payment you will incur a 5% surcharge on the total balance of the customer invoice.

This Final payment may delay your delivery or collection if not paid in full and the supplier takes no responsibility for these issues.

All bookings  to be confirmed must have a deposit of 20% or any other amount advised by a Xtreme Party Hire member paid 2 days before delivery takes place as items are not booked until deposit paid. This is a non refundable deposit amount. The Customer is covered from being double booked if confirmed with a deposit.

The Customer is liable to pay for the full amount invoiced  if cancelled within 7 days of the event.

Use of our Equipment:

The Customer  must at all times use the equipment in a skilful manner for the purposes intended or the way the Supplier has instructed you to via our instruction cards or in store demonstrations during your hire period, you may be advised by our delivery drivers verbally or supplied information to use the equipment, this information must be followed.

You may never hire to someone else or have anyone else operate the equipment other then the person or persons signing these terms and conditions of hire contract. We may under any circumstance retake the gear if we are aware of misuse or bad behaviour.

You must never remove the equipment from the location supplied to the supplier when the booking is made. The equipment may not be covered by insurance if you do. Further charges or fees may apply. You must advise the supplier if required to move the gear from one location to another where the new location is before commencing the move.

The Supplier reserves their right to inspect the Equipment whether to assess the performance or conditions of use at any time.

The Supplier may, without prejudice to any of its other rights and without previous notice to the Customer, retake and resume possession of the Equipment which remains the property of the Supplier and, by its servants or agents, may enter upon the customers premises or any other place where the goods may be upon the occurrence of any one or more of the following:

Where the Customer commences to be a bankrupt and a liquidator is appointed (provisional or otherwise) or the Hirer is placed under official management or a Receiver or Receiver and Manager is appointed or an encumbrance takes possession of its undertaking or property;

  • Where the Customer becomes insolvent or bankrupt or commits an act of bankruptcy or makes an assignment for the benefit of a creditor;
  • Where the Customer fails to pay the whole or any part of the hire of the goods or any other charges for the goods supplied hereunder or for any other equipment or services supplied to the Customer by the Supplier when due;
  • Where the Customer parts with possession of the goods;
  • Where any other terms or conditions of the Contract between the Customer and Supplier are breached by the Customer.

Security/ Bond Deposit:

Some of our products require a Security/Bond deposit so the customer you are held to the obligations of the correct use of the equipment and booking confirmation requirements. Security/Bond deposits are fully refundable if the goods returned are undamaged, clean and at no loss to the Supplier.

A Valid  Credit Card needs to be held with every hire agreement in conjuction as security for items that are damaged or not returned or Dirty items or for other admin/delivery costs that may arise due to the Hire Period. Credit Card use is only valid for the period of the hire and then details are then destroyed  once all equipment and services are satisfied in good order by Xtreme Party Hire Pty Ltd

Late Returns:

Any return of Equipment after the agreed return date will incur a 35% per day fee ongoing, until all items have been returned to the Suppliers premises.

Breakdown or Damage:

(a) Should the equipment be found by the Supplier to be faulty due to misuse or has been tampered with, the Customer will be responsible for the repair costs. The Customer shall not repair or facilitate repairs without the Suppliers prior consent. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damage to any person or property resulting from misuse of equipment. Where a problem or usage questions arises, the Customer has the responsibility to call 1300 88 44 72 or 0430 946 433 after hours as our support number to request assistance immediately.

(b) If Clause (a) hereof applies, to the extent that if the equipment is lost, damaged, faulty, destroyed or tampered with due to the Customers misuse, the Supplier may debit the Customers nominated Credit/Debit Card for the cost of repairing the damage to the equipment or if the damage is beyond repair then the cost of replacing the equipment and also with an adminstration fee to source the equipment.

(c) The Supplier reserves the right at all times, acting reasonably, in determining whether the damage sustained to the equipment is beyond repair.


The customer you are required to adequately secure the gear from theft or damage during the hire period, or be subject to a replacement value cost if damaged or stolen in your possession. The equipment location address must be supplied and be true and correct. At no time must the equipment be moved unless notified.


The hire quotation is a quotation only and pricing may vary subject to availability of equipment or due to the terms and conditions above not being adhered to. The Supplier Quote is only valid for 7 days and all tenative bookings are kept for 24 hours before goods are back on the market for hire.

Cancellation and Refunds:

Should weather be a burden to your event, or any other reason the effects the use of the hire, then the full hire price or wages for a set up will be incurred to cover  Xtreme Party Hire outlay, Postponement of the event may lead to availability issues or price rises of the product, we will work with you to soften these unfortunate circumstances.The Customer is liable to pay for the full amount invoiced  if cancelled within 7 days of the event.

Xtreme Party Hire must be advised immediately if any issues arise with the hire equipment that affects the use of the equipment, operation, safety or any damage while in use. The supplier has a  contact number with an active message service and call out service if required.

Refunds to the customer will only be honoured if the customer contacts the supplier  in regards to the issue and speaks to one of our representatives before the hire period is over to give Xtreme Party Hire the ability to rectify , solve or replace item.

At no stage will Xtreme Party Hire do any such refunds if notified after the event !

Large Scale events over $2000 in value cancelled inside 14 days prior to the event shall incur additional costs above and beyond the deposit amount to cover equipment purchases or event costs that had to be ordered within the time frame for the event, this will be up to the discretion of the supplier.Jumping Castles are the only refundable deposit item due to bad weather conditions the morning of where a Xtreme Party Hire representative will call you due to bad weather such as Rain or otherwise that is not safe.If the castle is delivered and set up for use then the customer is liable for the hire  whether it Rain, Hail or Shine.


The Customer agrees to indemnify The Supplier from and against any claim, action, proceeding, judgement, damage, loss, cost, expense or liability whatsoever incurred or suffered by or brought or made or recovered against this Supplier to the extent that the same arises or is connected with or all actions by the Customer, its representatives, partners or agents and any or all of its third party contractors or suppliers. The Customer will be liable to the Supplier regardless of any other contractual arrangements that they have entered into with third parties either known or unknown to the Supplier. Business, firms or organisations are recommended to have their own insurances when booking for corporate party events through the Supplier.



Site inspection checks are to address issues such as the area in question for a safe and hazardous free Zone.

Not having a site check could impose a full penalty if the hire does not fit and is not able to be delivered to a safe place of location.

Site Inspection checks provide peace of mind to the Hiree knowing all will be good to go on the day.


  Delivery :

Our delivery service is a service that we provide free  within Inner Melbourne Metro Area, please enquire with a Xtreme Party Hire representative as our boundaries may change at any time.Delivery fees will apply to country areas and out skirts of  Inner Melbourne areas. Orders invoiced at $150 and over is considered as free delivery within our boundaries unless specified in our product range where heavy bulk items may specify a delivery fee.Customer special requests for delivery times will attract a fee if our normal delivery time is not acceptable and or out of business hours or hours not between 9am – 5pm on Weekends.Xtreme Party Hire can elect to deliver items at any normal given time of up to 48 hours before or after the event.All Melbourne CBD areas attract a fee regardless due to extra allocated time to deliver items due to Loading Bays and Service Lifts in use.Delivery times are set and if customer is not ready to take possession of goods on arrival or pick up the Supplier may leave without notice to the customer to avoid other events being late on the day and will attract a Recollection delivery fee to return.Xtreme Party Hire holds no guarantees with times allocated due to traffic on road issues that may happen or for unforseen events that may occur throughtout the day.The customer needs to contact Xtreme Party Hire if item is not delivered or picked up within the time frame  to esitimate time of arrival.

Customer needs to acknowledge our requirements of delivery or advise  at booking/deposit point of each transaction hire :

All deliveries need an excess of 3.4mtrs in height to allow truck or van entrance.

Deliveries that have a specific bump in or bump out time will attract fee of $50 each way.( When time frame is within a 2 hour period for bump in or out )

Most deliveries are to be a flat level surface including drive ways and access to delivery point of item hired. You will need to advise if steps, stairs or slope surfaces are also a hazard.

Deliveries will not go beyond 50 metres of unloading and loading to destination points of delivered items.





Free Delivery within 35kms from either Tullamarine Or Hallam Office for Hires over $150

New Delivery Terms from 01/09/2016 onwards !

Please see our Terms for CBD deliveries. Please note some items may not apply to this criteria.




Xtreme Party Hire Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based Business.