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Beer Pong Table Hire Melbourne

Beer Pong Table Hire is a sure thing for party or event excitement.

Beer Pong is with two people that stand at opposite ends of the Beer Pong table.
Each team has 10 or 6 cups arranged in a triangular formation in front of them with, their choice of beverage poured in.
The team that starts the game is determined by a coin flip, once this is determined a person from the winning team starts.
Basically the aim is you take turns to throw your ping pong ball into the opposing teams cup.
Whichever cup your ball lands in the opposing team has to drink the contents of that cup and is then put to one side, that cup is now out of the game.
You each have a turn and then followed by the opposing team until all the cups have been removed and consumed from one side of the table, first team to do so wins.


       Price: $90 overnight or $120 Weekend hire

Overnight hire which includes Beer Pong Table, 26 (500ml red cups) 3 ping pong balls.


Foos-Ball Soccer Table Hire Melbourne

Great for kids and adults of all ages for parties and events, this Foos-Ball Soccer Table is heavy duty 22 player table.
Comes with  a manual scorer  


Price : $190 – Overnight Hire

Price : $225 – Up to a 3 day hire (drop off Friday – pick up Monday)

Please note that a clearance of 1.5mtrs in width is needed as this will not fit through a normal door way


 Air FX 


Price : Please enquire

D2360mm W1250mm H1900mm 260kg
Please note that this item is wheeled in the area and not to be lifted at no stage.


Slap Shot Air hockey Table

We have excellent quality air hockey tables that will suit both kids and adults.

Our air hockey tables are the best in the business and feature a Perspex playfield.

Perspex playfields allow the puck to slide with ease.

Our tables also feature lipped edges which helps keep the puck in play and helps prevent the puck from flying out.

RGB LED Lights under the playfield included



Price : Please enquire
D2360mm W1250mm H1900mm 160kg

Please note that this item is wheeled in the area and not to be lifted at no stage.

Pool Table Hire Melbourne

Very Heavy Duty Tables that are solid slated top.


Please note that this item is wheeled in the area and not to be lifted at no stage.

Price : Please enquire


Ping Pong Table or Table Tennis

Table Tennis  for hire in Melbourne when you invite your guest  for a challenge that’s great for a whole group activity and team plays!!


Includes 4 bats + 3 balls

Price: $225 – Overnight Hire

Price: $300 – Weekend Hire